About MedixAd

MedixAd is a new advertising solution for pharmacy, medicine, dentistry and cosmetology. The advertising media are high quality, whaterproof medical backings MedixPro and dental towels DentixPro, produced by our company for nearly twenty years.

They are a part of essential disposable equipment for numerous surgeries and beauty parlours where hygiene and aesthetics are the key requirements.

The surface of our products (from 0,16 sq. metre to 1 sq. metre, for dental towels and backings for medical couches, respectively) is an excellent place to present the logo of a product.

The backings and towels are produced in a wide range of colours, with overprint colours complying with the PANTONE standard, which, along with high-tech printing technology, enables precise representation of any symbol.

Doctors, medical staff, cosmetologists, patients, parents of the youngest patients, all involuntarily take notice of the content of the print on the backings and towels.